If you still have the original packaging for any of your electronics, this is the best way to transport them. If not, use dish pack boxes. Be sure to place lots of white paper (as much as 5 inches) on the bottom of the box. DVDs and CD players should be packed last because they are most important. Leave about another 5 inches of space for white paper at the top of the box.

When packing computers, it is always best to use their original packaging. If this is not possible, use dish pack boxes. Be sure to back up your data before the move because computers are especially sensitive to damage in transit (it’s better to be safe than sorry). Pack the monitor in its own box and be sure to cushion it well on all sides. Cables and cords can go in any of the computer boxes. Just separate them with a piece of cardboard.

Pack printers in the same manner (original boxes or dish pack box) after draining any remaining ink to avoid an especially messy move.

Collectibles – Wrap any fragile collectibles in bubble wrap and them in a box with ample padding on the bottom. Be sure to space them out and to fill that space with packing material. Label the box as fragile, so that your movers know to take extra care.

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